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IT Leadership during the Great Lockdown

Wow what the hell? How is it July already?
Someone pinch me please. Where did the first half of the year go?
A few grams (literally) worth of some virus comes out of left field, broadsides the entire planet, killing half a million –  and counting, so far – destroys millions of jobs, forcing countless businesses onto life-support, and puts the global economy into the Great Lockdown – one of the worst recessions in nearly a century. In my polite Canadian understatedness, (is that even a word?) I’ll call this super ugly. Every client or prospect I talk to has indefinitely shelved or pushed-back IT projects that were already greenlit for Q1 or Q2, due to unprecedented levels of uncertainty about what’s around the corner.
Business leaders and their lieutenants in all major divisions and units are tossing their yearly forecasts and plans out the window as they focus on putting out fires, getting through this trainwreck or that, or just fighting to stay relevant and alive. So as you pause to catch your breath, now is the time to focus on strategic moves that will position your organization for stability and growth.
Let’s address the elephant in the room first – when is this thing going away?
Buckle up buttercup, it’s not going to be anytime soon.

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Well, this certainly isn’t my first blog or even website.

It is however, the result of a realization that publishing my thoughts on other platforms carries certain risks and restrictions, as well as certain benefits. However those benefits often had strings attached, which I felt would dilute the integrity of my writing, hence my decision to go solo.

Throughout my career in technology and business development, I’ve had countless occasions where clients, team members, or other stakeholders have asked me to repeat a conversation or presentation on XYZ topic for others. In all cases, my goal has always been to simplify technology for the widest and most relevant audience.

That is what I plan to achieve by putting my thoughts in writing here in this tiny corner of the internet.

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