August 30th to Sept. 5th

  • Is your firm protecting itself against both internal and external cybersecurity threats? A Russian national was arrested after offering $1M to a Tesla employee to plant malware (link).
  • Is your firm using Cisco Jabber for videoconferencing? Make sure you download the latest application update from Cisco to close off a critical vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to target your Windows systems (link).
  • If your organization works in financial technology (Fintech) then you should be aware of a hacker group that targets the employees of fintech companies by sending phishing emails with deceptive “Know Your Customer” (KYC) attachments (link).
  • Microsoft has released a new tool in the fight against deepfake videos. These are videos where advanced digital editing can make it seem like Person A is really saying or doing something, when in fact they did no such thing. Such misleading videos can be used for political gain, or in email phishing campaigns to motivate curious George to open a sketchy file attachment (link).


  • Warner Music Group (WMG) suffered a breach by an undisclosed party that could have taken sensitive information between April 25 and August 5. The breach does not seem to have affected those customers of theirs using Paypal, but for all other customers using credit cards, help is being provided by Kroll for identity and credit monitoring (link).


  • Microsoft “Lists” is a new productivity app for MS Teams will help your employees get team projects done more efficiently by tracking information across various projects and workloads (link).
  • Qualcomm has come out with a powerful new processor to power 5G computers, bringing battery life for days, enterprise-grade security, and much faster communication speeds. For business users this means laptops with greater capabilities for remote workers, enabling better productivity and greater security. (link)